Project Details

  • 10 weeks development (Half Time)

  • Created in our own engine

  • Written in C++

  • Scripts written in Lua

  • Levels created in Unity

  • 5 Programmers

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 3 Graphical Artists

  • 3 Technical Artists


During the early stages of this project, my main responsibility was to make sure that all of our pipeline tools were functioning properly and up to date with project specifications. This included the various different exporter tools as well as our particle editor, which I co-developed with Linus Axelsson (Neon Smoke) .

Later in the project, after all of the pre-production was done, as well as maintenance of our tools. I started looking into some interesting shader research and development. In terms of effects, my contributions were dissolve on the enemies, distortion/corrupted effect on walls and the screen shader effect.

Dissolve shader

Distortion shader

Screen shader

Last updated: 15th May - 2018