• 10 weeks development (Half Time)

  • Created in our own engine

  • Written in C++

  • Scripts written in Lua

  • Levels created in Unity

  • 5 Programmers

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 3 Graphical Artists

  • 3 Technical Artists


For this project my responsibilities were mostly focused on trying to establish a well functioning pipeline to get assets from our artists to our programmers for implementation into the engine, in the smoothest possible way. To accomplish this I spent my time working on an FBX-exporter that had a bunch of pre-defined settings to ensure that our asset packages were always the same. The reasoning behind this decision was to limit the potential for human error, making sure that the export settings were always the same and correct.

This worked out really well and we only had asset issues at the start of the project, before the pipeline guidelines were in place. 

Last updated: 6th January - 2018

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