Project Details

  • 10 weeks development (Half Time)

  • Created in our own engine

  • Written in C++

  • Scripts written in Lua

  • Levels created in Unity

  • 5 Programmers

  • 2 Level Designers

  • 3 Graphical Artists

  • 3 Technical Artists


For this project my main responsibility was pipeline asset assurance. We got a new requirement for this project which included having joint animation, so I was responsible for developing our exporter tool further to accommodate this change. I wanted to try and keep all of these different things in one single tool, to make it less confusing for my artists.  


Each of the three buttons highlighted above, will give the exporter different settings when the 'Export' button is pressed.

'Static Mesh' will give a basic FBX file which has texture links, no history and is triangulated so it can be used in our engine.

'Bind Pose Mesh' will export the mesh and all of its connected joints into an FBX file.

'Animation Only' will target the root joint, run a 'bake simulation' from all of the controls down to the joints and will then export an FBX file which ONLY contains the joints and their transformations. This was done to not export redundant mesh data for every different animation. 

Last updated: 27th February - 2018

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